Preparing for your Big Day

Just as it is important to get your hair in great condition for your Wedding Day or other special event, it is also great to prepare your skin for the day.

  • In the lead-up to your wedding, it is a good time to organize an appropriate regime to get your skin in tip top shape for your wedding day. I don’t believe you have to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care. A good cleanser and moisturiser will make a world of difference and will leave your skin healthy and in prime condition.
  • Talk to your beautician about skin care treatments in the lead up to your wedding day. They usually require a course of treatments to gain the full benefits, so don’t leave it too late! I recommend Skin Deep, who offer several different treatments that give great results.
  • Eyebrows!!! Your brows are essentially what frame your face, especially your eyes. If you have always been a 'plucker', now is the time to find a good beautician/eyebrow specialist who can advise you on the correct shape and thickness. Rebecca Nasiry in Carine is an eyebrow queen and who is in very high demand.
  • The old healthy diet, exercise and sleep! We have heard it for so many years but a healthy inside will generally mean a healthy outside. Drink lots of water, minimize your alcohol and try reduce stress to ensure your hair, skin and nails are ready for the big day!